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Labour History Lancs. 

Hello Everyone! (LHL) is back and as one can see, we have a brand new look.
You know us, we’re not updating because we are technical IT dudes, no sirrree. We’re updating just to make access easier and hopefully make your reading more enjoyable. So please do read on.
This month we have lots of interesting articles and updates from our team of writers. Alan has started a new series where he is looking at artefacts and items around NE Lancs, Rex has written a piece about the Mormons and Gustav tells the story of the Swedish ‘white buses’. Ooooeeerr!
So, put the kettle on mum and enjoy a good read and the start of spring.


Edition # 32 March 2023

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Student History - Gustav Falk 

The White Buses

"There has been conflicting information. The roles of the various participants have been questioned and discussed. The number of people rescued by the White Buses has varied tremendously"



Ken hadn't seen Flora for years. Time was on a summer's eve he'd walk up Preston New Road to Blackburn's Corporation Park and wend the broad walks and drives to the shady bower where the statue of Flora dwelt.........

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LL march 23 middleton_map_position_in_greater-manchester_000001.png

Early Mormons in Lancashire By Rex Watson

The Mormon church, or to give its formal name, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was formed in New York state in 1830, by Joseph Smith. Its centre moved westward  over the next fifteen years or so, mainly owing to successive periods of persecution. It finally settled in near virgin territory in the Salt Lake valley in what became the territory then state of Utah. Missionaries came to the UK in 1837, landing in Liverpool................

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Lt. Bartholomew Hodgkinson asks a great Question about;

The origin of Premier League & Minimum Wages. 

Great answer from Peter over on the noticeboard  

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