Labour History Lancs (LHL) is a web page constructed and run by enthusiastic Lancastrian historians. We are a cross-section of academics, history undergraduates and local historians, with a passion for history, the labour movement and our beloved red rose county.
The essence of this site is to report on history news in the North West and dip our fingers into as many pies as possible. Events, reviews, historians, colleges and courses will  encompass the articles and comments that appear on this site.  
In addition, the site also provides Free tuition and academic support for history undergraduates. and A level students. One on one tuition sessions are provided by our team, tailor made to assist individual students with their needs and queries.  
Apart from the blog, where all views are most welcome and respected, LHL  run a monthly editorial and fun historical quiz and what better way to launch our site than by interviewing the illustrious legend of Huddersfield University and labour history, Professor Laybourn! Please see ‘Historians’ for the interview.
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Peter John Fyles

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India Mills
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October Quiz 

So you think you know your Lancastrians!

1. Which Lancastrian from Rawtenstall sat down with Monty Python’s
Michael Palin and Terry Jones and helped write the theme music and the
infamous Lumberjack song?

2. Everyone over the age of 30 will remember The Beano, with Minnie the Minx, the Bash Street Kids and the 3 Bears, but which Lancastrian from Preston was responsible for these fantastic characters and their

3. This women was once called, ‘the Dennis Law of women’s football’,
partly because she was an ace at hitting the back of the net and partly
because she holds the honour of being the first woman to score for
England in a 3-2 victory over Scotland in 1972. She hails from Prescot.

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