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      Restoration of 9000 piece historic jigsaw


As summer comes to an end...... the LHL team were keen on making another small film for our followers. Back in the deepest, darkest, recess of the garage, my son, Billy, found an old project. It was the 9000 piece jigsaw of the Bombardment of Algiers,1816!? 9000 pieces??                  Who? What and why?

Well....without going into too many details......Several years ago my wife, a keen 'jigsawer' (can I say that?) kept completing jigsaws at lightning speed. 'You need a real challenge' I interjected one day. 'Then go find me one', came the reply. The result was Geroge Chambers' masterpiece which currently resides at the naval centre in Greenwich - however this time I located a copy in the format of a 9000 piece jigsaw.


Two years later and evenings of standing on guard to prevent the cats from eating wayward pieces, the job was done.

The jigsaw hung on the wall for a while and then was moved out to the garage 'for a rest'. Much later, a quick inspection revealed the masterpiece was in serious danger of ailing decay.

'Let's fix it and film it for LHL' I suggested. The wife, sons and cats disappeared. Only my intrepid daughter remained to help.

What follows is a brief account of the 'reparations', repurcussions, and restorations.

Enjoy and put kettle on mum!

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