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Peter John Fyles

Social Democratic Federation 

This video is just a small excerpt from a talk given recently at the Working Class Movement Library in Salford, by our very own Peter John Fyles. The presentation was about the Social Democratic Federation (SDF) in Lancashire (claimed by many to be the first Marxist party in Britain). The main arguments put forward by Peter was, that national histories overlook very many important details and that leisure, more than paternalism and the other political parties, was a serious hindrance to socialist advancement in the red rose county at the turn of the twentieth century.

I think the presentation was enjoyed by all who tuned in and the Working Class Movement Library deserve great credit for initiating and promoting local history. We hope to hear some more materials from Peter again in the near future.

Jonathan Wood.

June Pie in the sky Quiz (names un- blurred in answer)

So, this month’s quiz reminds us of one of our more sophisticated and culinary cultural traits in Lancashire.

Who has not experienced the late night walk home and the beer-instilled ravenous desire for ‘the chippy.’ The exquisite mixture of peas, vinegar, and gravy, that would have Gordon Ramsay scrabbling for positive expletives. Or the relief of the warm soothing comfort of a spare ‘decoy’ in the pocket on a wintry cold matchday? Yep, pies have long been a staple part of Lancashire culture, stemming back to ‘King Cotton’ and the enforced necessity for a small instant meal at the mill during a short break.

Obviously, we do not need to make any form of comparison with Yorkshire or southern softy alternatives but at the risk of causing a small row, I think most of us can agree that Hollands Pies are head and shoulders the best in the county. Admittedly Whites Pies have had their moments and an odd independent or two, such as Oddies mouth-watering steak, will always deserve commendation, but for sheer taste quality its Hollands easily.

Now take a peep at the chart and see if you can label all the varieties. If you get them all correct you might want to start thinking about implementing a regular exercise scheme soon.

Put kettle on mum!

Holland Pies no name .jpg

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