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As usual we are busy reporting on all kinds of news and views about labour history and we hope that you will find this issue just as exciting and entertaining as always. LHL is entering our second year of existence now and we would just like to take this opportunity to thank all our followers, readers and contributors, for their continued support and communication. Cheers lads and lasses and put the kettle on mum!
Labour History Lancs (LHL) is a web page constructed and run by enthusiastic Lancastrian historians. We are a cross-section of academics, history undergraduates and local historians, with a passion for history, the labour movement and our beloved red rose county.
The essence of this site is to report on history news in the North West and dip our fingers into as many pies as possible. Events, reviews, historians, colleges and courses will  encompass the articles and comments that appear on this site.  

So, don't forget to contact us if you have any queries or news, or would just like to tell us a story about your own particular version of Lancashire. Enjoy the read this month and remember, 'you can drop us a line anytime'!

Peter John Fyles

Social Democratic Federation 

This video is just a small excerpt from a talk given recently at the Working Class Movement Library in Salford, by our very own Peter John Fyles. The presentation was about the Social Democratic Federation (SDF) in Lancashire (claimed by many to be the first Marxist party in Britain). The main arguments put forward by Peter was, that national histories overlook very many important details and that leisure, more than paternalism and the other political parties, was a serious hindrance to socialist advancement in the red rose county at the turn of the twentieth century.

I think the presentation was enjoyed by all who tuned in and the Working Class Movement Library deserve great credit for initiating and promoting local history. We hope to hear some more materials from Peter again in the near future.

Jonathan Wood.

LHL Quiz December 2021

In the wake of the Climate summit in Glasgow, we thought it apt this month to test our knowledge about the many rivers and brooks of Lancashire. Wikipedia (never the most reliable of sources) has a list of 54 rivers in our great red rose county. However, Lancashire County Council, no doubt better equipped and informed than most, has a significantly larger inventory. So this month can you name:

  1. How many rivers has the Lancashire County Authority deemed worthy of classifying as 'rivers' in Lancs. The Oxford dictionary tells us that a river is:- a natural flow of water that continues in a long line across land to the sea


    2. Which ‘natural flow of water’ is the longest in our county and how           far is that?

    3. Which is the smallest ‘natural flow of water’ and how far is that?


Naturally, we at LHL are no experts in this particular area of geographical research and we apologise in advance should any fervent water specialists not concur with our findings, but we think we’re close enough for now…..

Irving Funeraldownload
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Bolton 1900.c
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Rochdale 1900.
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Weavers Triangle
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India Mills
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