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Bumper Christmas Quiz ?

Thanks to John Harrison 

1. There is a reservoir behind this wall plaque. What is its name?

2 Name this old bridge!

Q Picture1.jpg
Q Picture2.jpg

3. This moated hall is now a golf club house. Name the hall.

Q Picture3.jpg

5. Name both waterways.

Q Picture5.jpg

4. Name this building. Goodshaw Chapel.

Q Picture4.jpg

6. I'm a This a famous Lancashire tower. It’s erection celebrated two events. What were they?

Q Picture6.jpg

7. This cross was rebuilt in 1902 on the old Rochdale to Clitheroe packhorse trail. What is it called? Correct spellings please!

Q Picture7.jpg

9. Which tower is near this railway bridge?

Q Picture9.jpg

8. This memorial is near which Lancashire hill?

Q Picture8.jpg

 It'10 Pre-1974, this was a Yorkshire view. Name the Lancashire village.

Q Picture10.jpg
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