Tuition & Delivery

The Tuition offered is tailor made, by our team for every individual and will be set out after an initial on-line discussion.

LHL provides undergraduate support in the following areas:
One on One tuition

Undergraduate tuition is implemented by our experienced team, historians and teachers, with many years experience in British labour history and Irish history. Lessons can entail a host of varying support mechanisms. Pre reading tips can be acquired, past paper practices can be reviewed, written papers can be discussed and seminar-like discussions can be had which will invoke new thoughts and add to a student’s understanding of a subject. Sessions can be created and developed to fit individual requirements, from 20 -60 mins lessons available. All LHL advice comes sincerely and professionally with the student’s best as our guiding motto. The best place to begin is by pressing the ‘contact’ button on this page and having a cost free conversation with us.


Papers and Essays

Essays and history papers can be reviewed via the tuition page. Just press the essays button and follow the instructions for attachment. Pending on the time of year and volume of requests, essays will be reviewed as quickly as possible and a ‘timeline’ number will be sent to you on essay submission. NB: It is important to only send essays and papers that are covered in our ‘areas of expertise’



Research assistance is a very complex field of help but LHL attempts where possible to help students in as many different fields and matters as is possible. Our top researcher is Lois Page and one can contact Lois directly via her email details on this page. Not all research is possible but a cost free discussion with Lois as a beginning can often lead to invaluable support and direction.

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