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Welcome to the Labourhistorylancs (LHL) December update, the last one of the year!
As some of you will have noticed, we have been having some technical difficulties recently and our updates have been taking much longer than normal to revamp and publish. To this end, we have decided to take a ‘time out’ and place most of our time and energy in investigating our technical platform, so as to make the pages more effective and easier on the eye in the future.
To this effect, we will not be publishing any materials after Xmas but we hope to be back for our first 2023 update at the end of March/start of April.

We would like to thank all our loyal contributors

and followers for their continued support and

we look forward to publishing again real soon.
Put the kettle on mum and merry Xmas

Peter John Fyles

we are busy in the background working on a new look site happy New Year and we will see you in '23 

Scroll down for video of LHL 2022 in Pictures 

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LHL 2022 in Pictures 

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