Acclaimed Padiham lad Daniel Scanlin has taken photographs all over the world.

Initially learning his family trade processing films, selling 35 mm cameras and photographic equipment, his talent and passion took him to Glasgow School of Art to study Fine Art Photography at degree level, coming away with a different point of view of how photography should be looked at, making the transition from seeing banal objects and passing them by to actually looking for them. This eventually became his normal way of seeing and capturing unique snapshots of the world with a similar style to American photographers Stephen Shore and William Eggleston, and the approach taken of British photographers Martin Parr and Rob Bremner.

He was subsequently awarded a First with BA (Hons) in Photographic Media (all on film) at Blackburn College. Never finding the need to move over to digital,  and by continuing to choose analogue as his medium the imagery he captures suits the aesthetics of his art and subject matter - gritty and beautifully raw with a depth of field that more accurately represents life and the world he lives in, generally using 120 mm format which allows him to work in a more methodical way, with a tripod and time. No rush, just a thought process - a considered approach that continues to refine from one frame to the next as ideas evolve from research to practice.

His work has featured in several exhibitions throughout the North of England, while he continued to work in the family business which finally ceased trading in early 2020. He has since built a photographic-space named all photographies which is situated in central Burnley, offering a wide range of services such as prints from negative, slides and existing prints, archiving, private tuition, workshops, guidance and advice on anything relating to photography. He has also started to compile comprehensive pieces and bodies of his existing work formed ready for publications, Zines and other platforms.

The progression of his photography has been exposed through national shows, group and solo exhibitions, magazine publications, private commissions and a recent re-issue of his critically acclaimed 'Burnley Loves Bénédictine D.O.M.' book, which has been described as a photographic insight into an unlikely love affair betwixt a French elixir and an industrial town in the North of England.

Ongoing exposure is always welcomed.

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