The December Poet


Donald 'Partially-Sighted' Pascoe is, in his own words; "a one-trick polymath". 

Born in the mid-70s, out of the social revolution that was Punk, with his first gig at Robinson Street Club, equi-distant between Duke Bar and Daneshouse. A room of fine Friday night folk waited for the star turn to commence, and he was paid "with a big hand of barely concealed suspicion and all the apathy I could drink". 

He subsequently performed at a selection of pubs and working mens clubs throughout the North and beyond, often "going down like a turd in a salad", and received a stirling review from the self-appointed King of Clubs Bernard Manning, who said simply; "You need to decide if you're clever OR funny lad, cos they'll not stand for both. Get rid of the Jam Jar spex for starters". He did pay Donald in cash though, which was a first, and subsequently rare occurrence. 

His work has been discussed and well alluded to in a disparate selection of media outlets including The Guardian, Village Voice, The Big Issue, The Face, and Radio 4, being considered stock from similar schools as John Cooper Clarke, Atilla the Stockbroker, Phil Evans, and John Hegley, often infusing his political views with acerbic humour and barely concealed cynicism. 

Though the 21st Century has seen Pascoe pursue another kind of career ("ie a career"), in Mental Health Services, he still contributes to a series of spoken word projects, and his 'Just Words and That' collection of poetry for performance was very well received. As for his views on the various issues clouding the current political climate, he simply says; "it's all these redundant satirists I feel sorry for". 

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