Burnden Park


 Bolton Wanderers started out as Christ Church FC back in 1874, set up by vicar Joseph Farrall and teacher Thomas Ogden.  They played on a ground where Bolton University stands now. They moved on a number of times, hence the name 'Wanderers', which they adopted in 1877.  They were founder members of the Football League which was set up in 1888.

burden pk.jpg

They started playing at Burnden Park in 1895.  The inaugural match was against Preston NE.  The ground had a capacity of 70 000, but it is reckoned many more than that squeezed when the disaster of March 9th 1946 took place and 33 were killed and 400 injured, the worst disaster in English football at the time.

  The painting by LS Lowry entitled 'Going to the Match' was painted in 1953. It's generally regarded as being Burnden Park as Lowry was a fan, but some dispute this.

   In 1997 Bolton Wanderers moved from Burnden Park to a new home at Middlebrook.  The Asda superstore was opened at Burnden in 2005.

Thank you Allen D. Born for this great piece