Bill Beesley - Family Tree and me

A few weeks ago a lady called Carole Astley contacted Labourhistorylancs via our

good friend ‘Bob the Books´. Carole is pursuing the history of her family and is trying

to discover what happened to her great grandad, Billy Beesley.

Enclosed below is the letter. If anyone at all can assist or has any information to

proffer then please just contact us here at LHL and we’ll put you on to Carole. Good

luck and Cheers!

Hello Peter

Thanks very much for getting in touch.  I;ve ordered 3 books from Bob, and

mentioned that I was from Accrington with my mother;s family being Knights, Powells

and Beesleys (my maiden name is Todd). I currently live in Blackburn. I;ve been

researching my family for about 18 months now, and have a good grasp on my

3 rd  great grandfather Billy Beesley;s involvement in the Chartist movement. I've come

to a halt in finding out what happened to him after he left Accrington allegedly 'under

a cloud; - as I know others have too! Bob suggested getting in touch to see if it was

possible that someone may have up to date information, or could point me in some


I dont know his death date for certain, but can potentially hazard a guess that he

may have died in Blackburn in 1856, or in Manchester in 1856 (2 of his daughters

moved to and lived in Salford). In 1854 Billy Beesley was voted in as Inspector of

Nuisances for the local Board of Health in Accrington.  His wife and family appear in

the 1861 census, but Billy is not listed. Therefore, he must have left Accrington

between 1855 and 1861.

m not sure what you might be able to do, but any snippet(s) would be gratefully

received. Bob recommended your website, which I was unaware of, and I;ve enjoyed

reading through the site and the latest newsletter.  

Many thanks and best wishes

Carole Astley

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