Dan Irving project

Dear Roger

Nice to hear from you as always and I hope you are still smiling as always during ‘coronacation’.

Regarding Dr Smalley’s erstwhile efforts on his Dan Irving project/research. My recent correspondence with Dr Smalley revealed that the project has made great progress but as of yet the final draft has not been ‘signed off’. Knowing Dr Smalley as I do, I suspect that something will reach publication later this autumn. One to keep an eye out for.

Also for your added interest, you may well like to check out my PhD thesis at MMU, ‘The Real Social Democratic Federation’. Much of my research covered Burnley and the indefatigable Irving, a true socialist or the ‘old order’ who through perseverance, luck and changing political circumstances, became, unlike so few other SDF men, a member of parliament - for Burnley!

Peter John Fyles

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