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Accrington Bob Has a Special Offer


This month the LHL Noticeboard highlights Bob Dobson, A follower of LHL and a

man consumed by his beloved Lancashire and in particular books. Bob introduces

himself and then makes an offer for any and all who might be interested in acquiring

some reading materials from him. Please read on…..

I was born and bred in Accrington ( You can't BUY class). Educated at Accrington

Grammar School, on leaving I worked briefly as a clerk for the National Coal Board

before becoming a member of the Lancashire Constabulary

I entered the world of second hand books in 1968 after meeting a chap who was a

dealer. We became friends and I joined a newly-formed local history society. At that

time, I was a "Z-Cars" cop working throughout the northern half of the county. Within a

short time, I decided to specialise in Lancashire-interest books, selling my stock by

issuing a typed list sent out by post. In the early 70s, I had two books published by

Dalesman Publishing -"Lancashire Nicknames & Sayings"  and "Concerning Clogs"

By this time, I was also selling Yorkshire-interest books.,and decided to become a

publisher myself under the name of "Landy Publishing" . The name was taken from a

shunting engine  I had seen on Fleetwood docks, which had been owned by the

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company in times past. My first book was "Clattering

Clogs" which comprised material - poems and tales. I moved onto publishing local

history books by others and Lancashire dialect anthologies, continuing after retiring

from the county force to become a full-time book dealer, publisher and organiser of

second hand book fairs.

In 1999 I was offered a job as editor of a monthly magazine about Lancashire which

Dalesman Publishing proposed to start in 2001. At that time, I wasn't a computer-

user, and turned the offer down. It was a good job I did, as the proposed magazine

never came to fruition. Before the offer was made, I had published 4 quarterly issues

of "The Really Lancashire  Magazine" but  ceased as I couldn't make it pay.

I have retained my email address( ) and today I work

from home and have a store-room near by. I have never had a shop nor a website

and I no longer have an on-line presence, but I do have an extensive mailing list.

Now I am trying to "sell up"  by selling my stock at half the catalogue price. I still have

an interest in the world of books and of Lancashire's many aspects and would be

pleased to receive any enquiries.

Bob's Offer

I am trying to sell up my Lancashire-interest catalogue of second hand books.   I

have another list of miscellaneous second hand books, some of which may interest

LHL readers.  I welcome visitors to view my stock at my store-room near

Blackpool. Contact me on 01253 886103  and /or

My miscellaneous list has several Cumbria-related books and some on social


I ought to mention that a pal of mine publishes a monthly newsletter aimed at those

who attend book fairs in the North West and those who regard themselves as ";book

people" -  Gerry gives free advertising in the newsletter - drop him a line


Thank you everyone,


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